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your fluid knowledge center. You’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about fluids on this website. Every information is in black and white, so you should be able to get to the things you want to know as fast as possible. Since this isn’t my only project you have be a bit patient.

About the author

I am an engineer with heart and soul. Learning new things drives me every day. My area of expertise is fluid mechanics. It may harder to understand than classic mechanics, but it is definitely more rewarding. You have to understand solid mechanics, electrical engineering and control systems as well to fully exploit the potential. And all of that while following standards and laws to create a competing and safe system for the customer.

I love to pass on my knowledge to curious people.

You’re not here for the first time? Are you wondering why the website still looks like it did a year ago? I mainly dealt with photography and filming in order to be able to create learning material myself.

What you will get

Learning academy

Are you new to fluids and what to learn about it? Here you’ll get the information you need to get you started.

Fluid Wiki

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about fluids. It consists of numerous articles and an extensive formulary so you never have to search again all over the internet.


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